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Janice Plummer

Innovator, Wife, Mother, & Grandmother

 I use to suffer from chronic inflammation and severe pain throughout my entire body. The doctors prescribed a lot of pain medications and steroids to help me with the pain, however the medications didn’t help much, so I got rid of them. I decided to try an holistic approach for my healing, and reverted back to my Jamaican roots. In Jamaica, we strongly believe in using herbs and drinking herbal teas. We believe that there’s a herb to cure every sickness and decease. I changed my entire lifestyle, changed my diet, and started taking herbal baths and foot soaks regularly. I started noticing a huge difference in my body. The pain and inflammation reduced significantly and I started feeling better within myself. When I went back to the doctors for my follow up appointments, they noticed the difference and thought it was because of the medication they prescribed me. I informed them that the medications didn’t work for me, and so I stopped taking them and started this new herbal regimen. They encouraged me to continue doing what I’m doing because it’s  clearly working for me, and that I did!

Today I feel great! I am healthy in my mind, body and soul, and still healing. I’m grateful and thankful to God for my healing all around.

The Earth has blessed us with these wonderful herbs and minerals for healing, which has helped me significantly, so I  want to share my regiments with you.

“Your health is your wealth.” 


Our mission is to promote wealthy lifestyle living through providing self-care, love, and healing for the mind, body, and soul. We provide experiences where you can breathe and enjoy serenity. These experiences will allow you to de-stress, relax, refresh, renew and heal.


To create and facilitate a relaxing and healing experience.

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